The Forest Camp


Goblins. At least a dozen of them. They needed to be taken care of, but that was too many to handle at once. The party needed… an advantage.

This was my first encounter map. I was just playing around, coming up with maps I might need to pull out if the players did something I hadn’t had time to plan for. I wasn’t even using the Battle Mat template in Campaign Cartographer, so it still has a border that’s a bit out of place on the projector.


I thought the fire pits looked a bit out of place during the day though, so I decided to make a night version. A few creative uses of the style sheets, and I had some basic lighting. Campaign Cartographer has some actual lighting built in (the shadows you usually see are based on the position of the sun, which you can change), but I couldn’t get it working at the time. I think if I just played around on a simple map I could figure it out, but there is also apparently a guide for it in one the Cartographer’s Annuals. Number 2 I think?

Anyway, the players came upon this map while searching for a certain goblin that had a bounty on his head. They waited until nightfall (which I had hoped they would do) and then set the main tent on fire (which I had not). That was where most of the minions were, so it quickly turned a bit of a rout and I didn’t really get to use the interesting tactics I had come up with. The players got to use their own though, so even better!

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