Tower Ruins

A ruined tower.
The (now) ruined tower.

BOOM! The party enters the plane through a portal forcibly created using one of the many natural energy nexuses present on said plane. Unfortunately, that nexus was also in use by a necromancer in the process of one of his dark rituals. The resulting explosion destroys his tower and crushes him under a rock.

The party stands by the nexus, disoriented, surrounded by smoke and falling debris. As the smoke clears, they see the first skeleton rise up off the ground…

This map was made for the big intro encounter for my new campaign. The goal for the party was to close the nexus (which was spewing necrotic energy, raising nearby undead) before they were overwhelmed. Any undead creature not slain by radiant energy would rise up again the next turn until the nexus was closed. I think it worked quite well.

When I first started this map, I had intended to print it out on this giant printer I seem to have some small access too, but I had forgotten by the time I actually used it in the campaign, so it was too big to be displayed at the correct scale on my projector. Still, worked out quite well.

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