Forest River Crossing

Crossing the river
Crossing the river.

After the defeating the necromancer and sealing the nexus, they took stock of their situation: On a foreign plane, with a sketch of a map but no idea where they were on it, and a road going to the west. They needed to find some form of civilization to help find their bearings and to figure out what to do next. Striking out on the road, they come upon a river with a seemingly abandoned cottage on other side.

This was one of the earlier maps I drew as part of my plan to build up a supply of ready-made maps I could pull out whenever I needed an encounter. I was still working on my use of sheets and effects here, so the road looks a little weird and things aren’t shadowed correctly.

This was using the correctly sized battle map template however (note the lack of borders). I find with the set up of my projector a size of 28×21 squares gives me proper a 1 inch scale, so most of my maps use this size.

The cottage turned out to be full of goblins, using it as a base to raid the surrounding country side. The party convinced them to give up information on the nearest town and be on their way. Later, they returned on a quest to kill a certain goblin with the suspicion these guys knew where he was.  This time, they burned down the cottage and beat the goblins into giving them information. After that, they let them go.

They managed to beat the same encounter twice (collecting double experience) without ever actually killing a single goblin! It seemed quite reasonable and made sense within the context of the world though, so good for them.

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