The city of Summercourt
The city of Summercourt

So… Large cities are not fun to draw. To have a city of a decent size, you need a LOT of little houses. Now, City Designer has a very nice tool that lets you build randomized houses along a road, but a) cities aren’t just houses, and b) even if they were it’s very fiddly to get them all to line up correctly with no spaces like they would in a real city. You can have the occasional green area between houses, but leaving empty space all over just looks weird.

My projector is 1024×768, so details that don’t show up at that resolution are basically lost. There is a lot of that in a large city. For example, the thin brown road from the north was pretty hard to see, and I didn’t even bother trying to do ropes on the ships like I did for Byley.

This is not my favourite map, but it still serves it’s purpose, which was to give the players a visual idea of what the city looks like. Someday I might go back and actually make it look GOOD, but I think for future cities I will try to either find existing ones on the internet, or draw more abstract “wards” or something.

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