Abandoned Cottage

What's inside?
The “Abandoned” Cottage

Knock knock… Nobody’s hope.

The party had been on the road for a few days, making their way to a new city, when they came across this cottage off in the wilderness. Naturally, they wanted to see who lived there and what they were doing. Nobody answered the door, or seemed to do anything at all until they entered the bedroom, which contained a bunch of strangely acting hobgoblins.

After a few fights, the players had found the slaves they were looking for, and a trap door into the basement.

This was my first try at running a multi-stage encounter in Masterplan, and it is a bit of a tedious, unfortunately. The only way to block off portions of a map from view is to create X by Y overlays, and then change the colour and transparency (each in different tabs) and drag them onto the map. It’s doable, but a lot harder than it needs to be. Luckily, because of how the campaign is set up, the party is usually just doing one big encounter per day.

The party has claimed this cottage as a base of operations out in the wilderness, so I will need to go back eventually and clean this place up. Should be pretty easy, and is one of the benefits of using something like Campaign Cartographer.

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