To the Tower of Kindness

Map to the Tower of Kindness
Map to the Tower of Kindness

I wanted to give my players a little map handout to show where their next quest was, rather than having the NPC just give vague directions. I was going to cut off a quick sketch like the one I gave them for the whole continent, but as I was creating the map there were just SO MANY NEW STYLES that I had picked up in the 2012 annual that I couldn’t resist trying one out.

Since I already had the whole world created with Fractal Terrains and all the cities and terrain features in a giant hex map (I’ll talk about them when my party is done with this world) it’s  very easy for me to draw a quick map at a different level of detail. This map maybe took me 15 minutes to do, and most of that was just playing around with the various terrain types.

I like this style, but none of bits of different terrain were as big as I thought they would be. This is due to the default sheet effects, which goes to a lot of effort to blend things together. I could have fixed it I’m sure, but since this was just for a minor handout the players would barely even look at, I didn’t worry about it too much.

The only real bummer was that it didn’t look as good as I hoped it would when printed on parchment paper. Too dark. Again, fixable, but not really worth it for a throwaway prop. Lessons learned for the next time I use this style (which was Pär Lindström’s Fantasy Regions, by the way).

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