The Haunted Mine

The Haunted Mine
The Haunted Mine

Down they go!

Depth is something that I find hard to do properly. The idea for this map was that the party would come across an abandoned mine haunted with skeleton guardians. The actual mine is basically a deep hole spiralling down into the ground. The party would ideally try and maneuvere the battle so that they could knock their foes off the cliff to their doom.

They did, but I had to prod them gently to make it clear that this was actually a very deep pit. I think it looks that way on my monitor, but since we play on a projector in a well-lit room, sometimes detail like that can get lost.

Rather than messing around with shadows and walls like I have in previous maps, what I did this time is throw down a whole bunch of circular semi-transparent aura symbols. I think it turned out pretty well, and it was WAY faster than trying to figure out how to do the shadowing properly. That was very important, since I had to knock out this map (and two others) that day just before the session in which I was going to use them. I wanted to have just enough material to end a cliffhanger at the start of a big battle so I could get the map for that printed out by one of my players.

And then of course, the party spent the whole session hosting a party and we didn’t meet up again for two weeks. Ah well, such is the life of the DM.

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