The Tower of Kindness – Entrance

The Tower of Kindness - Entrance
The Tower of Kindness – Entrance

Ah, excellent.. Skeletons.

I designed this as part one of a two part dungeon, the basement being an actual dungeon that contained an artifact the party was seeking. The party had collected some radiant weapons a few sessions back, but there hadn’t really been a chance to fight any undead, and I wanted to give them a chance to bash their way through a whole pile of them.

Enter the “Tower of Kindness”, an ancient ruin of the old empire, in a haunted forest. Skeletons abound!

This tower actually had two levels, with some archers perched on top to harass the party. I just sketched that on some laminated grid paper I had, since there wasn’t really anything to it, and that way it would be easy to keep track of who was on what level. I think in the future I might do a multi-level tower and just print out the extra levels. That might give a fun sense of exploration.

Anyway, this was a very quick and easy map to draw, which is very good for me. It’s nice to be able to just bang one of these out for any occasion, and still have it look decent. They can’t all be crazy demon portals.

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