Ambush in the Mountains

Ambush in the MountainsThis was a fun map that I didn’t ever get to use. The idea was there would be enemies on the tops of the rocks and around corners. The players would have to be careful about line of sight, with the enemies popping in and out of view. A small force of highly mobile foes would have been able to keep them off balance and give an interesting fight where the players never quite knew how many creatures they were dealing with.

I did actually have a specific place and encounter in mind for this map in my campaign, but the players never hit it. I’ll just keep it in my stockpile to whip out when needed in future campaigns. Nothing says “off the rails” like a hand-drawn encounter map when you’re normally playing off these.

On a technical and artistic level, I think the shadows on the large outcroppings turned out quite nicely, creating a good sense of two different height levels. The ground is a little plain though, which belies the speed with which I put the map together.


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