The Roads

The Road Back The Road The Tollbooth

A few simple roads through the well traveled plains. I made these so we could have a few non-encounters to keep the players on their toes. The idea was that they were escorting a caravan from one city to another, hoping to get ambushed and capture one of the raiders for questioning. We had a very tense encounter with the party carefully creeping along the road. They would roll dice, make perception checks, I would also roll some behind my screen. And then… nothing.

There wasn’t really anything on that map, but it was very effective. The next road they actually had their fight and captured a prisoner. I had the final map, with the toll booth, in my back pocket as either a place where they could get reinforcements if the ambush went pear-shaped and they had to run, or to set up a conflict between the party and the guards about the fate of the prisoner. Once the party had captured a raider though they took the long way back to town to do some exploring though and it didn’t come up.

If you look carefully you can see the shadows going in different directions in the first two maps, indicating different times of the day. I think that turned out quite well, and these are the sort of generic road maps you can just pull out whenever you need them so it’s nice to have them available.

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