I’m back to playing D&D again! This time, we’re running 5th edition, and I’m a player. That means probably no battle maps, but I’ll probably do a few overland maps and such for the DM. First up is a map of our campaign world, Arkanza, based on a map our DM drew out on chart paper for us.

I printed it out on parchment paper, and it turned our pretty well:20151104_102633

Now we have a nice little page-sized handout to reference while we use the chart paper for battle maps and such.

This was also my first time using the new Campaign Cartographer 3+ and, wow, it’s awesome. Very fast and easy to use. It had been a long time since I last picked up Campaign Cartographer, and I was worried it would be a big pain to re-learn how to do everything. It wasn’t.

What was a pain was when I had to back to regular CC3 to draw another map, since not all of the Annuals and styles have been ported to CC3+ yet. It was.. a challenge. It definitely reinforces the idea that CC3+ is a lot better, and it’s not just that I know what I’m doing. Because, let’s just say, I haven’t finished that map yet.

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