This page has examples of my professional Developer Relations work. If you’ve ended up here, it’s through a direct link. The rest of this blog is actually about the maps I draw and publish for use while playing tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, so… Don’t bother looking beyond this page unless you want some sweet battle maps! To see more of my professional credentials, or to contact me, please see my LinkedIn profile.


Top 10 Essential #MyoCraft Posts: #MyoCraft was a weekly series of posts I ran on the Myo Developer Blog, focused on useful tips, new techniques, and best practices for Myo developers. These are some of the best and most useful ones.

Publish or Perish: This was part of an initiative to publish more “thought leadership” type pieces on the BlackBerry Developer Blog. The idea was to create some posts that people not normally interested in how to build something for BlackBerry 10 would click on and read. This post seemed to resonate quite well with the people who read it, especially students.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Quaternions: The Myo Armband uses quaternions to represent the orientation of the wear’s arm. Most developers don’t know anything about quaternions. Unfortunately, most guides on the internet about quaternions are big scary walls of math aimed at someone who is building their own quaternion library, not those that have been given one and need to know how to use it. This post is a fun, easy read aimed at the latter group.

High Five, Star Wipe: Really just a collection of links to developer videos I starred in. While the videos themselves are interesting, a blog post just listing them off could easily be pretty boring. I gave it a bit of personality to make it a more entertaining read.

Myo Script Tutorial Roundup: A roundup post featuring links to all the posts in my two Myo Script tutorial series, designed to take you from a novice with no idea what a Myo Script is, to an expert who can script anything.

CloudyPics (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4): An in-depth series on my CloudyPics showcase app. The “showcase app” initiative was intended to create a few full applications we could open source, rather than the usual toy samples that really just showed you how to use a specific API and didn’t include all the best practices and special cases you would need in a real application. This app is actually in production deployment at a number of different companies.

Experience VR using the Myo Armband: The Myo armband is awesome for Virtual Reality uses. This post shows off two of the demos Thalmic released, including Icarus Rising, which I wrote (and created the video for) personally.

Discovering Search: This is a simpler technical article explaining how and why to integrate with the built in search capability of the BlackBerry device. Very simple sample app included.

Myo Bluetooth Spec Released: We published the protocol the Myo armband uses to talk to it’s supported platforms so developers could add unofficial support to anything they wanted. This is a very technical post that gives you an overview of how Bluetooth Low Energy works in general, and how specifically to talk to Myo.


Native API Deep Dive: Camera: A recorded session of a deep dive into the BlackBerry Cascades Camera API I delivered. Sample apps mentioned can be found here.

Native API Deep Dive: Advanced Camera: The direct sequel to the previous session, covering the lower level C Camera API. Sample apps can be found here.


I’ve written a large number of the most popular Myo-enabled applications and connectors.

Ultimate Mouse Control: You can use your Myo armband as a mouse, but until the 1.0 update you had to use a script to do it. This was that script, and it is very popular. Featured in this MyoCraft post.

Myo Data Capture: Many people that buy a Myo armband want to use it to track arm data and muscle activity while someone performs various activities. Rather than having to build a custom application to get the data you want, this simple command line application logs all data the Myo captures to CSV files for analysis afterwards. Featured in this MyoCraft post.

Pocket Presenter: The Myo armband has an awesome Presentation Mode built in. This script gives you the same controls, except you can only trigger actions with your arm down at your side, eliminating any chance of false positives. Featured in this MyoCraft post.

AutoFlight Connector: Before the official Android application was released, this was the only game in town to control your Parrot.AR 2.0 Drone with a Myo armband. It’s still useful if you don’t have an Android device. Featured in this MyoCraft post.

Counter-Strike Connector: Want to play Counter-Strike using your Myo? A lot of people do, making this one of the most popular Myo scripts. Featured in this MyoCraft post.

I also wrote a few BlackBerry apps on my own time:

Willow – Dog Agility Tracker: I wrote this for my wife to help her keep track of our dog’s performance in agility competitions. This is important, as you need to meet certain qualifications to move up in levels, and you need to keep your own records in case the official one is wrong.

Email Domain Updater: If you have a bunch of contacts who’s email domain switched from, let’s say, “rim.com” to “blackberry.com”, this app will go through them all and update them for you.

If you’d like to see either of these apps for yourself, let me know and I can sandbox your account.

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